Theosophy stands for knowledge of truth.  It is a synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy, and throws a flood of light on all these areas of knowledge.  It is an ancient tradition which has shown that by exploring the depths of our own nature we are able to reach an experience of Truth – an understanding of that Wisdom which is the seat of all spiritual knowledge.

The first principles of Theosophy are:

- The Unity of All Life.
- There is one Universal Law.
- Life evolves in cycles.

Theosophy teaches that we are all part of this One Life and that:

- Each human being has a body, mind and spirit.
- We experience many lives through reincarnation.
- The Universal Law is Karma.

Theosophy is not a religion, but it does consider spiritual ideas, the nature of life and the universe.  It is the Wisdom which lies behind all spiritual traditions and, as far as can be revealed in words, it reflects Truth.  It is the thread of truth, the Light which shines through the many coloured lamps of religion - in scriptures, creeds, symbols, myths and rituals. Knowledge of Theosophy helps us to live harmoniously with ourselves and others.

The word Theosophy has been used for many centuries.  Of Greek origin, meaning Wisdom of the Gods (theo - of Gods, sophia – wisdom).  It has existed since the beginning of time and an exploration of these teachings reveals the purpose of life and Universal Law.

Each and every one of us is on a journey of Spiritual Evolution and by increasing our understanding of life we progress on our path towards Wisdom.  Divine Wisdom is One but the paths towards it are many.  We each make our own way along the path of self-discovery and through the cycle of reincarnation and karma, gradually learn of these deeper truths.

We are all members of one family, a spark of the divine, part of the Unity of Life and being of one essence with the Cosmos, we with are of like nature.  Our personalities are concerned with self, our lower nature, whereas our reincarnating Ego is rooted in the spiritual - in Unity.   All people in all parts of the world are part of one Universal Brotherhood.  We evolve through incarnation after incarnation until we are fully spiritualised Beings able to help our younger brothers and sisters on their own journey.

Theosophy is a link to the ancient Esoteric Science which, if known, leaves nothing remaining to be known.   A Wisdom cannot be enclosed within words, a Truth which must be discovered and experienced by each one for themselves.

Although this Wisdom is ancient, these teachings remained largely inaccessible to the general public in the modem world until the publication first of Isis Unveiled in 1877 and then of The Secret Doctrine in 1888. These and other writings by H. P. Blavatsky have remained in print to this day and the teachings of Theosophy are now widely available.

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