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robert-woolley-right-sizeFollowing the Star

This talk deals with the paradox of the central assertion of Theosophical teaching: “the fundamental unity of all existence”, and introduces a star that lights the way to wisdom.
Flip chart required.

HPB’s Diagram of Meditation

This talk sets out Blavatsky’s instructions on meditation and how they are designed to lead us to experience “the fundamental unity of all existence”.   This is a practical talk with lots of illustrations.
2 flip charts required.

Janus – Master of the mystery of everything

Janus is usually accounted a minor deity in the Roman world, and a relatively obscure one at that.  However, he had considerably greater significance at the time, although one has to dig a lot to find it.  There is, however, a third and deeper layer of significance to Janus, which makes him a very useful symbol for anyone treading The Path or engaged in The Quest.
Powerpoint or OHP.  Flipchart useful.

A positive approach to religious conflict

There are many religions with apparently contradictory teachings, but deeper study shows there is a common thread of truth, which they share, and which unifies them all.  There is positive action, in which we can all join, that can help to bridge the gaps.
Powerpoint or OHP.  Flipchart useful.

The Lion the Witch and the Wisdom: A Taste of Narnia

Are you old enough for Fairy Tales?  The wisdom and knowledge common to the great religions and ancient philosophies have always been hidden in fairy tales and myths.  Even adults eventually grow up to appreciate them.
Flip chart required.

The Garden Path

Throughout history, gardens have been made with a spiritual purpose.  As carriers of meaning and symbolism they are a powerful tool on the spiritual quest.   This talk will set you thinking about your garden and your path.
Powerpoint or OHP.

The Ordinariness of the Extraordinary

From its earliest days, the Theosophical Society has interested itself in occult phenomena (which we now call paranormal phenomena) and such things have always been regarded as extraordinary.  In this talk this notion of extraordinariness is challenged, and the role of phenomena in Theosophical work re-examined.
Flip chart required, plus Powerpoint or OHP.

The Masters of Wisdom and the Brotherhood of Humanity

This talk explores the nature and significance of “The Masters” who were behind the Theosophical Movement in the Nineteenth Century. It attempts to disentangle some of the related concepts of Enlightenment, Illumination, Supernatural powers, Secret Fraternities and World Government and it explains the concept of Brotherhood which they promoted. This talk explains how this is relevant to our own lives and spiritual development in the 21st century.

What Does a Gnostic Gnow?

My dictionary defines Gnosticism as “a heretical movement of the 2nd century Christian Church ..”, but it was/is a much broader, deeper, older tradition.  Drawing on the exemplary scholarship of Freke & Gandy, this talk teases out what it was the Gnostics knew, and how we too can go about knowing it.

The above already exist as PowerPoint presentation. >>The talks below need a longer lead time.

I bring a laptop and projector but need a screen and 13A socket. A flip chart is often useful >.

Scientific Mysticism (?)

Mysticism is a much misused and misunderstood term (as indeed is “scientific”). Once we have a clear idea of the nature mysticism, can science help us on our way to experiencing the mystical state?

The Nature of Spiritual Service

Service is often not a priority for spiritual groups. When it is, we tend to think of charitable and voluntary work. Whilst this is useful, there is deeper more important work, and we have the tools to do it.


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