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The Cycle of Life

Colyn12345The cycle of life, death and resurrection is part of the hierarchy of cycles which range from the smallest life to the universe itself. An understanding of our part in this vast process enables us to see more deeply into the inner spiritual meaning of our lives with their many underlying subtleties.

Some insights into the Voice of the Silence

The book is a prose poem full of spiritual inspiration containing the noblest ideals. It was translated by H. P. Blavatsky from the Book of the Golden Precepts. Some of these deep spiritual truths are discussed in this lecture.

The Web of Karma

The law of karma is described by H. P. Blavatsky as the ultimate law of the Universe. In theMahatma Letters it is described as “This terrible law”. What is it about Karma which calls forth such powerful language? The complexity of Karma and its operation in human life are discussed.

Glimpses of the Divine

Our experience of the abstract properties of Goodness, Truth and Beauty take us beyond the physical into another realm where there is a convergence towards unity. We are given an awareness of the fundamental oneness of all life and a glimpse into the true nature of divinity.

Akasha and the Astral Light

Akasha in esoteric teaching refers to the Spirit which interpenetrates all 3-dimensional space through the physical Universe. This idea is developed to show that this is also true for the six subjective realms and the occult space which is associated with them. The study leads us deep into the fundamental teachings of Theosophy.

The Complex Nature of Mind

This lecture advances the theory that man’s mind provides him with a dual experience of consciousness. One part is provided by his physical brain and the other part is derived from his spiritual nature.

The Mystery of Human Consciousness

Man’s Self-consciousness is of a higher order than anything observed in Nature or anywhere else in the Cosmos. Brain research has not explained it and Artificial Intelligence has failed to replicate it. There is no obvious limit as to its ultimate potential. In dreams, trances and the activity of our creative imagination we can get glimpses into the deep spiritual reality that underpins our lives and from which our consciousness is derived.

H. P. Blavatsky and the Vedas

The Vedas is the oldest of all known ancient records and corroborates the occult teachings in almost every respect.  H. P. Blavatsky’s commentaries provide a mine of deep esoteric insight into the fundamental teachings of theosophy.  In fact the key to the Vedas is in the Secret Doctrine and many of her other writings.

The Inner Mysteries of Life

The many aspects of man’s human life are all shrouded in mystery.  Even as science unravels the incredible complexity of the human body it gives us few clues as to the origin of human consciousness.  However a careful analysis of the whole picture can provide us with a structure of ideas and perhaps a glimpse at the ‘inner’ side of things and even an underlying philosophy.

Theosophy and Christianity – four questions

Four questions which arise out of the various concepts held regarding God, Man, Heaven and Sin are considered from both a Christian and Theosophical standpoint.  The similarities and differences in doctrine are noted and discussed leading to various conclusions of practical relevance to our everyday lives and our expectations for the future.

Esoteric Properties of Light

Just as light enables us to see in the everyday physical world so its esoteric properties reveal the hidden secrets of the noumenal realms which are only accessible to the genuine seekers after the truth about life.  It gives us a glimpse into what is meant by the immortality of our human consciousness.

H P Blavatsky and the Apocalypse

The book of the Revelation of St John the Divine which concludes the bible is written in a powerful apocalyptic style so that the reader is virtually lost without a key.  Many guesses have been made as to its true meaning down the centuries.  H. P. Blavatsky reveals the esoteric meaning and origin of many analogies in her various commentaries.

The Myth of the Beginning of Time

This lecture takes us through the intriguing alternative hypotheses which arise when the Big Bang Theory about the start of the Universe is challenged. The theosophical concept of cyclicity is considered along with the esoteric view of time and duration and the nature of occult space. The implications of all this for our understanding of the nature of human consciousness are considered.

Theosophy and its practical Implications

There are aspects of theosophical doctrine which are highly technical and only of interest to the serious student of philosophy and metaphysics. However a major portion of the teachings have direct relevance to human life in the 21st century.  Many of these subjects can be appreciated and understood at various levels of complexity.  As with virtually all esoteric and apocryphal material the deeper meaning only becomes evident to the student after many steps have been taken into the hall of learning.

Theosophy: Cornerstone of World Religions

Theosophy is the shoreless ocean of truth with radically different teachings derived directly from a study of Nature. It thereby avoids the many pitfalls of conventional religions while providing a framework for a deeper interpretation of them. True religion must provide a fundamental basis for peace and brotherhood between all men and this is where Theosophy is the Cornerstone.

Nature of the True Path

One of the most frequently used analogies for progressing in the spiritual life is that of travelling along a path. In time one comes to recognise that the journey is a path of self discovery at two levels concurrently – at the level of personality and our everyday consciousness and at the higher spiritual level and of our individuality which reincarnates life after life and progresses eventually to the goal of realization of our Selves within the all-embracing absolute Truth.


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