Throughout the Foundation’s programme of activities you will find not only information for the mind but also inspiration for the heart.  These events provide a beautiful oasis for meeting fellow spiritual travellers, as well being a great opportunity for learning more about the essential truths of life.

The Foundation supports a range of activities, including lectures and workshops at theosophical centres throughout England, Wales and Scotland and occasionally in other parts of the world.

During August, the Foundation holds an annual six day Summer School and throughout the year, knowledgeable theosophical speakers provide a great variety of inspiring talks and workshops for afternoon events, day conferences and weekends.

The Foundation offers talks and study classes on many esoteric subjects including meditation and self-development.  All are encompassed by the wisdom of Theosophy and it is through this knowledge that an understanding of human potential is reached.  The Theosophical Society also arranges many theosophical events.

We warmly welcome you to join us in this quest and meet with others of like mind.

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Theosophy Worldwide

Whilst not advocating religion itself, the theosophical movement recognises the underlying universal truths which can be found in all the great religions, esoteric teachings, philosophies and sciences of the world.  We find there are many uniting principles.

Through Theosophy we learn what lies beneath these ideas.  Central to this is the Oneness of Life and a desire to promote brotherhood among people of all races, creeds, colour, religion and philosophies.   Devotion to Truth, love for all living beings and commitment to a life of altruism marks the true Theosophical Path.

The Foundation has a National Speakers Scheme which is active around the whole of the UK, providing speakers to groups who want to know more about Theosophy and self-discovery.  If you are interested in hosting an event and would like to receive a list of approved speakers, please let us know.  Next please show these links:

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