Peter Barton (London)

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peter-barton-right-sizeINVENTIONS of SCIENCE and FACULTIES of OUR OWN

The electrical engineer is by way of being a mystic because he has discovered an invisible, intangible, indefinable force (electro-magnetism) and he seeks ways of releasing it safely and usefully  for  the benefit of mankind.  In addition to its multifarious labour-saving uses, the devices he has invented can help us to see, in simple, helpful terms, facets of our own being – to help us on our spiritual journey. (NOT highly technical)

Your EXPERIENCE and Mine – How does it Help us?

 Looking at Experience based on three definitions:

–     Experience is practical knowledge gained by trial.

–     Experience is not what happens to us … it is what we do with what happens to us.

–   Experience is the food upon which our Real Being nourishes its growth, awakening us to the fact that the use of experience is to improve our own sensitivity.


The world clearly needs some drastic changes to make it a more sensible and balanced place. What is the ‘modus operandi’ for change – how can we, as individuals, help to bring about change in the whole?   Each individual influences the field of human activity which is the Field of Change.  So we need to change ourselves.


Although it is increasingly accepted in general terms, the idea of Reincarnation is often vague. This Talk attempts to clarify what it is and what it isn’t, to offer some evidence, to suggest what it all means and tries to see it from the point of view of the Inner Self, the Reincarnating Ego.


Using theosophical ideas from a variety of sources to reach a Dynamic and Purposeful concept of Ourselves – Inspiring, Motivating, Practical and Enablingand to see how to use the result.



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