Christian Bodhi

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christian_bodhi-right-sizePlease note: Christian is no longer resident in the UK (he has moved to Tenerife) so will only be able to give talks when visiting the UK

Christian is a lifelong spiritual seeker and holds a degree in science and philosophy of mind. His focus is on practical spirituality and development of spiritual intuition as well as overcoming of any form of dogmatism. Christian has been practicing mediation for most of his life and had many spiritual experiences which together with his philosophical inclination give him a unique perspective upon the human condition which he is happy to share.

Propose a subject or theme

Christian can easily compose a talk on any subject you propose as long as it is related to the spiritual matters or philosophy of science. If you choose one of the talks below, note that these talks are not essays which are read, but Christian is talking from his head and uses notes or sometimes PowerPoint slides, hence the talks are always unique to the time, place and people they are given.


How to Study Theosophy

This talk and discussion will deal with intellectual, intuitive and practical aspects of how can one truly benefitfrom the theosophical or any other spiritual teachings.

Non-duality: Advaita and Eastern Mysticism

Advaita is one of the major philosophical views that proposes the essential Oneness of all things. Many great thinkers and mystics were seeing themselves as advatias – Blavatsky said that Theosophy too was fundamentally an advaita or non-dual approach to the world. We will examine whether Christianity contemplated advaita as much as Buddhism and Hinduism did. But advaita is more than just abstract metaphysics, it is also a spiritual path and practice, and in this talk we will try to get a taste of how does it feel to walk the path of non-duality.
Time, Brain and Eternity

There are many mysteries of the brain still unresolved and even now new ones are being encountered … How do we perceive time? Recent scientific evidence shows that something is wrong with our common notion of linear time, for the brain seems to be in continuous communication with the future. Are we now finding scientific confirmation of the wise counsel of the sages, saints and yogis given throughout the ages?

Christ: Cosmic, Solar & Planetary

Within all mayor religion we encounter Trinity, which Christianity describes as Father, Son & Holy Ghost, while in Hinduism it is termed as Shiva, Vishnu & Brahma. This talk will explore the Son or Vishnu principle on various scales of existence, its manifestation and the role in Creation, from the inner Christ within us all, to the greater manifestation of the Christ principle in the spiritual Masters and Avatars. We seek a better understanding of this evolutionary force in the Universe.

Gurus, Teachers and Avatars

The prevailing opinion amongst western intellectuals is that we do not need gurus. Is this entirely true? What is the difference between gurus, teachers and avatars and what is the essential nature of the relationship between the Master and Disciple? Perhaps the most complex aspect of the Teacher’s job is the elevation of the collective mind, for this entails the problem of Free Will.

What is Enlightenment?

Can we gain enlightenment amidst the turmoil of modern life? Do we need a guru or can we make it without one? To answer these questions we must have a good knowledge of what enlightenment is and what are the methods of spiritual liberation. Just by understanding these we can have a good start at the greatest adventure there is.

Logos and the Secret of Creative Order

The Greek word Cosmos (the Universe) means harmonious order which is evident in nature, both in macrocosm and microcosm. Who or what is responsible for this order which seem to be so rational? The word Logos (Greek, “word”, “reason”, “ratio”) symbolises the ordering principle in the Universe. The notion of the Logos has been an important part of esoteric philosophy, theology and many ancient belief systems in one form or another. What mystery is hidden within the Logos?

The nature of spiritual experiences

This talk will deal with esoteric and philosophical ideas about god and how we define spiritual and mystical experiences. We’ll endeavour to fathom what it is that one actually experiences: is it God, subconscious mind, the archetypes or something entirely different, and what are the ways of gaining these experiences and should one seek it?

The Secrets of Theosophy: the Story about Krishnamurti and Maitreya

This talk is about what happened after Blavatsky died in the Theosophical world movement. Was Krishnamurti the Second Coming of Christ? We will talk about the vision and beliefs Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater, Rudolf Steiner, Helena Roerich had about the incoming New Age and how did Krishnamurti become a great spiritual teacher in his own right.


How to achieve spiritual transformation and initiation

Level 1: For many the spiritual path is a path of aspiration and applied esoteric science. We will explore what principles and methods one should be aware of in order to maintain a sustained progress and achieve spiritual transformation. Though everyone has intuition, in a materialistic world that intuition often is not fully used. There is a discipline through which one can learn how to unlock one’s own intuition and raise the energy levels, for without energy nothing can be achieved, however, with the energy and intuition together in harmony, great progress will follow.

The Wisdom of the Heart and the Voice of Silence

Level 2: This talk and workshop will explore the ways how to connect with the heart centre and how to learn to act from it. The spiritual notion of peace within will be explored in a more literal sense and essential practical exercises will be taught.

The Enlightenment Principle – Planetary and Human Initiation

Level 3: We are living in moments of transition – we are witnessing the end of an age. Is humanity on the verge of global enlightenment? Can the present crisis be seen as labour pains which will give birth to a new civilisation? Our own enlightenment, and understanding of the forces involved both inner and outer, can help thisprocess and provide us with a vision of what is to come. This workshop deals with the discernment between real and unreal and how to see beyond materialistic illusion.


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