Welcome to the Foundation for Theosophical Studies


The Foundation is an educational charity founded by the Theosophical Society in England.  It promotes the Unity of all People and encourages an understanding of this through the study of Theosophy and the exploration of religion, philosophy and science.  We are a non-sectarian organisation part of a worldwide community, committed to a search for truth in all things, mutual understanding and freedom of thought.

The Aim of the Foundation is

The Foundation’s aim is “To help people understand and discover the essential truths at the heart of all philosophy, science and spirituality, especially the fundamental unity of all people.”



The Foundation supports a wide range of events across the UK and a great many other theosophical events are taking place around the world.

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Esoterica Magazine

‘Esoterica’ is the Foundation’s magazine, currently published twice a year.  It provides a host of articles on the Ageless Wisdom; exploring the human condition, spirituality and self-development, science and philosophy, with contributions from around the world.  It also includes information on theosophical activities, such as lectures, study groups, conferences and residential events.  Launched in 2010 it has a wide circulation in the UK and internationally.

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Theosophy stands for knowledge of truth.  It is a synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy, and throws a flood of light on all these areas of knowledge.  It is an ancient tradition which has shown that by exploring the depths of our own nature we are able to reach an experience of Truth – an understanding of that Wisdom which is the seat of all spiritual knowledge.


National Speakers

The Foundation’s speakers offer a diverse range of subjects, providing not only information for the mind but also inspiration for the heart.  These lectures, workshops and seminars are aimed at groups and organisations who want to know more about the Ageless Wisdom, Theosophy, and provide a great opportunity for learning more about the essential truths at the heart of all philosophy, science and spirituality. Book a speaker for your events read more.


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Fundamental Unity of all People

We find there are many uniting principles in all the great religions, esoteric teachings, philosophies and sciences of the world, and a study of Theosophy shows there is a fundamental unity between all people.  We are all one family.

The Foundation encourages an appreciation of the unity of all people and is committed to a search for truth in all things, mutual understanding and freedom of thought.  Mankind is not yet perfect and whilst there is unrest in the world, it is necessary to strive to bridge the gap and learn to live in harmony with one another.